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The wealthiest individuals know the REAL SECRET to wealth accumulation is not losing money while growing it.

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The only people that do are those "financial experts" selling you stocks. Uncover the investments previously only available to the ultra wealthy.

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"Financial diversification is how an investor survives this turmoil, succeeding over time without panicking in times of uncertainty, because few things in life are certain. From investing in a principal-protected life insurance policy to reducing or eliminating taxable income with life insurance, Jason is clear and persuasive."

Ben Stein

Actor, Writer, & Economist

Meet the Master of Transparent Wealth Growth

Jason Mandel is the founder of the Mandel Family Office. He was a trader at Cantor Fitzgerald before starting his own hedge fund. He now runs his family office for a few select ultra-wealthy clients.

Jason innovates high growth, low-risk wealth strategies previously only available to his billionaire clients,

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